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Vivienne's extraordinary fetishism has taken her to a new level. 

She gets her kicks by violating the dead in a hospital morgue on the outskirts of the city, discarding them like trash. Tonight, however, Vivienne gets a whole new taste of what the dead can provide when she meets Jason, a fresh body who has some ideas of his own.

Winner: Best Short Film (Crypticon Seattle), Best Dramatic Short (PDXtreme), Best Actress (Macabre Faire Film Festival), Women in Horror (South African Horrorfest), Audience Choice (Horrible Imaginings), Best of (Vivisections International).

Nominated: Best Directors (Monster Fest), Best Actress (NOLA Horror), Best Short Film (Fright Meter Awards).

Vivienne // Shannon Lark

Jane Doe // Katie Fray

Paul // Jeff Dylan Graham

Jason // Adam Cardon



"I AM MONSTER is a stunning work of pop-transgression sure to please both hardcore horror-hounds and newbie thrill-seekers alike." -- Matt Garrett, Vivisections Intl. Horror Shorts

"Their teamwork, a marriage of provocative storytelling and technique, is an electrifying subversion of existentialist drama with a dash of sneering humor..." -- Chris Hallock, Diabolique Magazine

" confronts us with a villainy that is so controversial and taboo that even the bravest of story-tellers have merely scratched the surface.” -- Chelsey Burdon, Scream Sirens Magazine

"Be prepared to have your sensibilities assaulted and left in a quivering pile in the corner." -- the SoreSport, SoreSport Reviews

"Film like this does not come along very often. It deserves to be experienced, appreciated and pondered. The film will shock you. It may even disgust you at times. But it will also excite and provoke thought. Watch I Am Monster — you will never forget it." -- Steven Hickey

"Bowen and Lark are the duo that encompass narrative, sexy appeal and character in an abnormal tale of horror." -- Jay K & The Ghost of "The Horror Happens Radio Show" on HGRNJ

"I AM MONSTER cleverly injects other toxins into its story that serve to dramatically conflict the viewer." -- the Conduit, The Conduit Speaks

"It’s as vibrant as it is dark, as sexy as it is brutal, and as brilliant as it is punishing. Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark are dangerous women in the world of horror, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next." -- Sylvester Stallone,

"Sex, death, and gory mayhem -- Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark knock it out of the park, the best short film I've seen in years!" -- Vince D'Amato, director of the Shivers Films Society and Cinemafantastique Fest.

"We think the film is twisted, stunning and stylish... and it's also incredibly thoughtful - the fact that it can be both touching and sweet after being so effectively shocking and sick is testament to the skills behind as well as in front of the camera." -- Chris Cooke, Mayhem Film Festival

"This beautifully filmed short has vivid, unapologetic primary and supporting characters. The body language and dialogue, especially the rationalizations Vivienne (played by Shannon Lark) uses, seem almost reasonable and loving although she is committing truly atrocious acts." -- MojoDawn, In The Audience

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